DIY Tools
Essential For Your Home Improvement Project

 If you are diy tools expert then you probably already have every home improvement gadget under the sun, but just in  case, I'll mention some must haves. 

Probably the best thing to start your diy tool collection with would be a highly recommended book on home repairs, although nowadays you can probably do much better than that. The internet is a great source of information, and you can probably find some videos showing you exactly what to do in a certain situation. Reader's Digest Have a good manual, and so do Better Homes and Gardens.

But a guide or manual obviously isn't all you need. Even those homes that don't have diy folk in them often have a small diy tool kit, like the following:Hammer

  • a hammer, useful for all sorts of odd jobs, like knocking in picture hangers or if it's a claw hammer, taking out nails
  • a tape measure, to make sure furniture will fit in spaces, before you drag it there!
  • a selection of screw drivers, for tightening screws, or putting together furnitureDIY Tools
  •  safety goggles should be worn any time you are drilling or sanding or soldering
  • pliers, of a couple of different sizes, and with wire cutting ability
  • an adjustable wrench, for loosening or tightening things
  • a utility or box knife
  • a drill, useful for many projects, and very worthwhile having in any tool kit
  • a stud finder, so that you never ever hammer a nail into the wall and into a pipe or electric wire!
  • and a tool box to keep all your tools in, so you know where they are, and they are kept away from children and in good condition. 

Of course all of these are available at many stores, but note that quality diy tools will help you to do a better job, with less risk of injury.


 DIY Toolbox