DIY Home Security

When it comes to home security, many of us automatically think about Security Companies, but diy home security can be just as effective, while being easier on the wallet. An alarm system, especially if monitored by a respectable company can act as a great deterrent for would-be burglars, but there are other ways you can use to protect your home.

diy home security locks

Windows can be an easy "in" for some undesirables, especially if they have been poorly constructed. You need to make sure that your windows have tough glass and locks for each of your windows. Then, when you are leaving your home, make sure that all your windows are locked properly, even those that you think no one can reach easily. Open windows attract burglars, and this is not what you want to do.

diy home security keys

Next we come to the doors of your home. Not all doors are sturdily built, and you need a home with sturdy doors to protect you and your family. For your diy home security, make sure you have tough locks and if necessary, replace weak ones. You may even want to think about double locks on the doors, a dead bolt lock, and perhaps a lockable door handle. And for the safety of your family, consider putting a door chain on the doors, but make sure it is very sturdy too. A flimsy one, or a strong chain screwed insecurely is no help to your family. If you have a spare key, do not leave it under the mat, or a rock. Burglars know where to look! For those worried about locking themselves out, consider leaving a spare key with a neighbour, just in case, or a relative if they live fairly close by.

Nowadays many diy home security conscious owners are investing in home surveillance systems which can keep an eye on the comings and going at your home while you are away. Of course there is always the use of a guard dog to protect your home, but the upkeep for this kind of dog may be more than you can handle. Not only does it need food and water daily, but also exercise and attention too, as well as suitable training. This training should be such that the dog does not spend all day barking at anything that moves outside, as this will for sure upset your neighbours. And remember, a dog should not be an impulse buy.

There are diy home security kits that you can install yourself, and while burglar alarms are good for scaring away possible burglars, if your alarm system is not installed correctly, it could annoy your neighbours if it goes off constantly in error. Even with diy home security kits, your windows and doors should be made secure as talked about earlier.