Money Savers

 So, you have your own home, but you want to start your DIY Plumbingfirst diy project. What do you choose? With the way the economy is going right now, you might want to consider how you can improve your energy system, which will help you save money too.

For many homes, consider upgrading the roof to keep in the heat that your furnace produces, and you may want to consider installing an energy efficient furnace. Ideas have changed over the years, and furnaces these days are far more efficient, so consider an upgrade to a high efficiency furnace.

You might also want to check the amount of insulation, not just in the roof, but also in the walls of your home. And of course, windows are great for losing heat through, so you may want to consider an upgrade there too. In fact you may want to do this even before you upgrade the furnace, so that you are not losing heat through the roof, and walls.

While you are in the attic, consider upgrading or resealing the air vapour barrier so you control the drafts as well as the moisture.

When you get to the basement, think about insulating and sealing the outer walls, making certain that the exterior surfaces of the walls have been properly water-sealed from the outside, otherwise you could end up with problems from the formation of mould. If you're not sure what to do, speak to a professional first!

You may also want to consider solar power or wind energy to reduce some of your costs. Using renewable energy is a great way to go, and it saves using some of the earth's declining stocks of fossil fuels.